Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Violet Grenade by Victoria Scott

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Her name is Domino Ray.

But the voice inside her head has a different name.

When the mysterious Ms. Karina finds Domino in an alleyway, she offers her a position at her girls’ home in secluded West Texas. With no alternatives and an agenda of her own, Domino accepts. It isn’t long before she is fighting her way up the ranks to gain the woman’s approval…and falling for Cain, the mysterious boy living in the basement.

But the home has horrible secrets. So do the girls living there. So does Cain.

Escaping is harder than Domino expects, though, because Ms. Karina doesn’t like to lose inventory. But then, she doesn’t know about the danger living inside Domino’s mind.

She doesn’t know about Wilson.

For me, this book didn't live up to my expectations. I loved the cover and the description of the book but it made me expect something other than what I received. Don't get me wrong...I enjoyed the book a but I wanted more. I feel like I was expecting a rated R version and what I got was PG for the most part with a smidgen of PG-13 thrown in. I wanted to see the darker side to Domino and it was mostly just hinted at throughout the book. The only time that we get to see Wilson is at the end of the book. I wanted the author to explore the inside of Domino's head instead of her saying shut up to herself and having drama with other girls at Ms. Karina's house. I know that the author said that she was trying to explore DID but I feel that it wasn't as much of a success as I would have liked for it to be. 

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  1. Sorry this disappointed a bit. The synopsis sounded amazing, and the cover is gorgeous.